Sol Acres Executive Condominium (EC) at Choa Chu Kang Grove

Sol Acres Executive Condominium (EC) at Choa Chu Kang Grove is a brand new residential development by famous developer MCL Land.

Sol Acres is also near-to eateries and many malls. Amusement for friends and the family are therefore together with the entire condo facilities along with the conveniences near Sol Acres at your fingertips. Sol Acres could not be inaccessible with Chu Kang Bus Interchange jointly with Keat LRT Station. Additionally it is right beside Expressway. Sol Acres is also close to Shopping Center and Bukit Panjang Plaza.

Situated at Choa Chu Kang and obtained in Choa Chu Kang EC area 23, Sol Acres is the leasehold development that’s valid for 99 years. The anticipated completion of Sol Acres EC is at the center of 2018. It characteristics near 1,000 units in TBA systems. and stands tall It’s found just. In future, you’ll be able to readily obtain shopping areas and the closest dwellings and Lot 1 Shopper’s hallway where you can have enjoyment with fam and have social gatherings. At Sol Acres MCL Land, an especial lifestyle that is astounding will be loved by you.

Again, the marketplace wasn’t passed in by it and it maintained to stay safe. The the price on private property drop the home panel itself and around 6% of fell. It’s a whole lot less than anticipated. It seems that there’s no right investigation cck sol acres. The specialists who made predict of pitfall that is 5% for over 3 years are a bit closer to reality. A drop of a single number could good for HDB marketplace,to national development minister. Think about important predictions on the newest Sol Acres EC.

Obtained in region 23 and situated at Choa Chu Kang, Sol Acres is the leasehold development which is not unlawful for 99 years. Sol Acres EC’s anticipated conclusion is in 2018’s mid. It with storeys tall features near 1,000 units in TBA systems and stands It is found just. In future, you can simply reach Lot 1 Shopper’s hallway whereHave social gatherings and can have fun with family and shopping places and the closest dwellings. At Sol Acres MCL Land, you will enjoy a lifestyle that is exceptional that is astounding.

GSH Plaza

The Future of Singapore and GSH Plaza

where-gsh-plaza-locatedSingapore has always produced its share of thriving business in Southeast Asia and today it boasts a newly revamped skyscraper investment building. The new GSH Plaza is a recently acquired commercial real estate investment opportunity in the heart of Singapore ‘ s financial district. GSH Plaza was purchased by GSH Corporation. Formerly Equity Plaza, the building has been completely renovated and renamed for potential new investors. From the landscaping and outdoor architecture, to the interior of the building, the new GSH Plaza is ready for business opportunities to find a home within its walls. It is a commercial business development near Singapore business districts for prime location and exposure for business investors to feel confident in the future of GSH Plaza.

The GSH group is seeking investors to welcome worthy new investors looking to take advantage of the building’s fantastic location and extensive panoramic views. From the top of the building you can see the beautiful Marina Bay and all the way out to the Indonesian islands on a clear day. The office building is one minute from one Raffles Plaza, a spectacular 63 story building, famous to Singapore. GSH Corporation Limited promises to its incoming requests of financial investors that GSH Plaza has everything a business could want: location to the city’s mecca of business and finance, proximity to hotels and dining, breathtaking views and ample excitement in the building opening to attract foreign and domestic investors from around the world.

GSH Corporation Limited has been working diligently in Singapore and Malaysia in other areas as well to grow their company reach and prove its reputation as an ever growing leading company to invest in now. Their constant growth is evident now is the time to invest in the GSH Plaza not only for now and the foreseeable future, but also for the impending business boom of commercial real estate and commerce. There is further development and business opportunity being built in Singapore and Malaysia with GSH Corporation Limited in multiple locations.

The expanding city of Singapore in business and tourism is giving the attention to the city, making it a growing hot spot for companies and investors to put their money into the next Dubai that is already proving more stable and lucrative over the long haul. This is why GSH Corporation Limited is building business properties, high rises for living, and even leisure possibilities. GSH Plaza has teamed with the best developers and management companies to manage this new business building and bring trust and piece of mind to all of its investors.

Westwood Residences EC Coming Soon @ Jurong

This top-notch exec condominium is located along majestic Westwood Avenue, in Jurong West. It is a serene and luxurious place in every sense.

Property specialists totally agree that Westwood homes will get awesome enthusiasm from purchasers searching for an EC within the Jurong west area. On the other hand, the cost which they are eager to pay will be unique in relation to what the engineers will be offering.

It is right alongside Nanyang Technological University and additionally Jurong Junior College. Additionally, the neighborhood strip mall Gek Poh Shopping Center and Jurong Point are practically around it, which certainly brings advantageous access to Westwood living arrangements.

Exclusive condos for sale have prompted one of the most convenient ways to homeownership available in real estate. When buying a new condo, homeowners will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a fine house, with the added benefits of great common facilities.

The condominiums offer the support and strength of experienced developers, contractors and architects and renowned designers who urbanize these properties together. Furthermore, the designs and the features offered are often based on the latest trends. This allows these houses are fully updated with what users search for your property.

The condos are even useful for those who buy their first place without leaving quality aside, and for those who buy a second property, those seeking a holiday or even a property where deposit some heritage condo. However, keep in mind that when you buy new condos some restrictions or limitations may apply, which is why you should always trust the expert advice when buying this type of housing.

Common services available in luxury condominiums that have them in a simple house can be expensive, include security services and concierge, lush gardens and manicured, well designed swimming pools and beach clubs, meeting rooms, business centers, tennis courts and other sports facilities, well equipped gyms, saunas and spas with saunas for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Sometimes these amenities also include free cable television and the Internet, which are part of the monthly maintenance fee and tenants looking to rent condos appreciate them.

With Westwood luxurious residences condos you can find a practical solution both for those who buy their first home and for those who buy a second home, buying condos because they need a quality home without the hassles of owning and caring for a house simple.


It is a good choice for first time buyers, too, these are smaller and less expensive than a single family home and may include attractive amenities as part of the association of owners: as concierge and security, TV cable and wireless internet access, pool and beach club, tennis courts and other sports facilities, spa, gym and annexes restaurants, among others.

In short, the advantages of this condominium are:

  • Have no worries: you will be responsible for very little or no maintenance or repair outside the condo.
  • Great services: this condo deal offers a variety of luxurious amenities (pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, etc.) that would otherwise be more expensive.
  • Living easy: you are solely responsible for maintaining and cleaning your condo inside. The rest of the structure and all terrain cares maintenance program selected by the homeowners association.
  • Fabulous locations: the condos are usually located near employment centers and shopping.
  • Great value: condos often have better prices than other forms of housing.

Basic – How does it work?

You buy a condo in Westwood residences, as a first or second home in the preconstruction phase with a developer of great reputation with a good record.

You benefit from securing your property at an affordable price with only advance because you’ve entered early in the process. You get the home of your dreams come true in the perfect location to enjoy the desired services!